Background of the Malaysian Alumni

       Unknown to each other, two groups were operating with different aims.

       Dato' Ghazali Mat Ariff and K. Sila Dass met one evening and discussed about organising a dinner for Barristers of Lincoln's Inn. Sila Dass sent out a letter to appraise the response and it was indeed very encouraging. A meeting was held at Nikko Hotel on 31 st October, 2003. Lincolnians from and out of Kuala Lumpur participated with enthusiasm. It was then decided that LINCOLN'S INN GRAND NIGHT be held in March, 2004, and it was decided that we register as a body with the Registrar of Societies.

       Sometime in December 2003 Carolyn Danker, the Secretary to the Organising Committee for the Dinner Night contacted Col. David Hills, M.B.E. the Undertreasurer and informed him about the Grand Night and proposed formation of a body representing the Barristers of Lincoln's Inn.

       Col. David Hills promptly replied to the effect that justice Dato' Gopal Sri Ram, Judge of the Court of Appeal, was in touch with the Benchers of the Lincoln's Inn to formally establish the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn Alumni Association in Malaysia and that we should contact him and see how best the function could be had.

       K. Sila Dass discussed the matter with Justice Dato' Gopal Sri Ram and it was learnt that he, Tan Sri Dato' Zaki Tun Azmi and Dato' Ghazi bin Ishak had in fact drafted the Constitution for the proposed Alumni and had submitted it for the approval of the Benchers of Lincoln's Inn.

       It was learnt that Lord Millett had initiated the move to found an organisation uniting all Barristers of Lincoln's Inn practising throughout the Commonwealth.

       Although some Commonwealth countries showed keen interest in the proposal, it is through the efforts of Justice Dato' Gopal Sri Ram, Tan Sri Dato' Zaki Tun Azmi and Dato' Ghazi bin Ishak which ensured the realisation of Lord Millett's initiative that also had overwhelming support of Malaysian Lincoln's Inn Barristers.

       An inaugural meeting was held on 29th March 2004 as soon the Benchers of Lincoln's Inn had approved the Draft Constitution of the Alumni. The Protem Committee consists of:

President-Justice Dato' Gopal Sri Ram
Vice President-K. Sila Dass
Hon. Secretary-Dato' Ghazi bin Ishak
Asst. Secretary-Carolyn Danker
Treasurer-Soo Thien Ming
Committee Members-Dato' Victor Isaacs
Shahul Hameed Amirudin
Mohd. Razif Tan Sri Abdul Aziz
Dato' Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman
Dato' V.L. Kandan
Tan Sri Dato' Zaki Tun Azmi
Jegatheesa R.
Thara Singh Sidhu

       In conjunction with the registration of the Alumni and to inaugurate it, The Lincoln's Inn Grand Night was held.

       HRH The Sultan of Perak who is the Bencher of Lincoln's Inn kindly graced the Grand Night on 25th September 2004.