Message from
 Sir Andrew Morritt (Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn - 2005 )

The Inn is Immensely proud of its alumni association in Malaysia. Its growth from a standing start to 1,400 members in less than a year is extraordinary.

The Alumni Association of Malaysia is hosting a conference and meeting between 25th and 27th August this year in Selangor, Malaysia. Members from across the Asia Pacific region are invited to attend. Although I am unable to attend Sir Michael Wright, Treasurer in 2003, will be attending in my place.

Further particulars will be published on the Inn's web site, in due course. The details will be found in the alumni section of the site.

I wish the conference every success and trust that it will help to promote co-operation between members across international borders and rekindle the spirit of collegiate life experienced when members were students at the Inn.

I wish to thank all those on the organising committee for their efforts and wish all those attending every goog fortune and a most enjoyable conference.